Announcing RealtyMX and zigna integration to automate content delivery


Announcing integration with RealtyMX
Announcing integration with RealtyMX

We’re thrilled to announce our new integration with RealtyMX! This means that your finished content such as photos and floor plans are automatically transferred to your RealtyMX account when finished. This allows you to easily syndicate your listings’ content to the biggest listing sites. You will no longer have to download photos and floor plans from zigna to have to reupload them to RealtyMX. More time with your happy clients and less time doing admin stuff. What’s not to like?

What is RealtyMX?
For those of you not acquainted with RealtyMX, here’s a short rundown: it’s a complete management system for real estate brokers and agents. Whether you are using an internal listings software program or a web site administration application, RealtyMX can be seamlessly integrated with any of your legacy systems, to enhance productivity. To learn more about RealtyMX, click here.

Step 1: Enter your RealtyMX listing ID when booking
When placing a booking, all you need to do is enter your RealtyMX listing ID. The platform will then automatically communicate with RealtyMX and ensure you can transfer your photos.


Step 2: Automatically transfer to RealtyMX
When your finished photos and floor plans, etc. are ready, simply select the ones you’d like to use and click “Transfer to RealtyMX”. They will then show up in your RealtyMX account on the relevant listing. If you prefer that this happens automatically, contact us and we can set that up for you.


That’s it!
To get started with using zigna today, simply email or call one of our representatives on 917 497 8351.