About us

We will change the market for Real Estate marketing


Real Estate marketing has remained virtually unchanged over the past 30 years. We are proud to be a frontrunner in the massive Real Estate tech boom happening in the US right now.

Originally founded in Scandinavia in 2013, we serve more than 1000 realtors and employs more than 60 professional photographers. We are present in Scandinavia, Asia and USA. The global Zigna HQ is based out of San Francisco, CA.

For real estate agents, being out in the community helping people find a home they love is the most rewarding and most important part of the job. And yet agents spend an average of 12 hours in front of a computer screen managing administrative tasks for each home in their portfolio. That’s because each step in the sales process requires a different app or website, making their work time consuming and inefficient.

Enter Zigna, a simple online platform that simplifies the sales process so agents can take on more listings and spend more time in the field closing deals. With Zigna, agents can easily create a custom website for their listings, target the right audience through email and social media, and manage leads and paperwork on a single seamless, integrated platform.